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In the world of sports shoes, nike, adidas, ua, Skechers and other international brands have played Miami day, turned round on the list.
And innovative and Plagiarism is also the world eternal topic. Plagiarism is not in my big Putian patent. I gradually out big Putian of plagiarism, fake day, do international brands have also been infected? This was very ill. In September this year, adidas formally charged famous footwear brand Skechers copying its classic shoes Stan Smith news still fresh, but the Skechers trick, not only plagiarism adidas, also another major sports giant Nike also dragged into the water to the latest production from the Energy Burst Skechers shoes, we can easily identify the Flyknit shoe uppers and Boost the bottom exterior design combined, both from the material to the texture, to the body of the shoe color, adidas and Nike have copied the two designs. Although Boost adidas science and technology is not exclusive, but such an obvious plagiarism, it is forsaking Skechers international brand identity. Moreover, from the final product to look deep breath Putian, there are people who will pay for it right? In the “face by eating” in the field of fashion, each brand will be dropped at ease doing enough cost in the design, in order to ensure their own design can bring more attractive. Of course, the huge investment in the design, and the final effect of the uncertainty, give a lot of brands are moving from the “crooked brains.” Recently, Adidas adidas will again SKECHERS SKECHERS court, because of the latter’s family again and adidas shoes products “hit the face.” SKECHERS shoes in this series is named Mega Blade, 2.0 and 3.0 under the two shoes designed with adidas Springblade (domestic commonly known as the “Blade”) series of running shoes is very similar in appearance. adidas Springblade blade cushioning structure, making this series of running shoes has a very high degree of recognition, the initial listing will attract a lot of attention. adidas believes, SKECHERS launched Mega Blade series of running shoes designed plagiarized Springblade. Take a look at comparison chart: So the first mentioned “once again” because this is not the first time because of plagiarism and adidas will SKECHERS the court. The last time, SKECHERS Skechers Onix plagiarism on account of its large sell adidas Stan Smith and receive money ban ticket. The “victim” is not only adidas, at the beginning of this year, NIKE also believe that the launch of SKECHERS shoes fabric woven material infringing its Flyknit technology, but will SKECHERS court, even CONVERSE plaintiff has joined the ranks.